Our legislators once again wage a costly legal battle in the name of the unborn in hopes of garnering evangelical votes and wanting to be seen as trying to overturn Roe. When will they care more about the children, the poor, and the sick who are already born? If not people, they should at least care about our infrastructure.

US News and World Report ranks Alabama 49th in the nation in terms of quality of life. Only Louisiana is worse. Even Mississippi has surpassed us.

The American rankings and analysis website factored in healthcare, education, economy, infrastructure, opportunity, fiscal stability, crime and corrections, and natural environment to create its annual list of the best and worst U.S. states.

It read, “Alabama, the second-worst state, has a median income of just $26,498. The state has above-average debt at graduation, uninsured adults, obesity, preventable hospital admissions, poverty, and incarceration”. Alabama is also considered the worst state in which to be a woman.

Our legislators out of pride and prejudice:

• refuse to expand Medicaid to help people have better health care,

• are satisfied with a second-rate education system that does not adequately prepare our youth for valuable jobs.

• fail to make necessary reforms to the prison system that would reduce danger, recidivism and the need for federal intervention

• tax the poor and middle class instead of the rich, who are their major campaign donors.

• Things will continue this way until voters care more about what their representatives are doing for the living.

Dan Waterman