A conspicuous item missing in the Democratic Presidential Debates.

Surely, the American public is being well-entertained with the bizarre antics that border at times on lunacy in the Democratic Presidential Debates. One must step back and ponder if adults with normal intelligence really believe this stuff? We have seen the ideas of forgiving ALL student loan debt, healthcare for everyone-including an unknown number of illegal aliens, seizure of all assault rifles, and even a $1,000 monthly check for every American! These notions are so far in left field that even elementary students know that we cannot pay for even part of the list!

At the same time, this crowd is conspicuously omitting perhaps the most important subject vital to every singly voter: The economy! Here is a snapshot of the latest data posted by the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics:

Black unemployment fell to 5.5%-the lowest since records have been kept!

Overall unemployment is holding steady at 3.7%-a record!

6.3 million new jobs have been created since Trump took office-4.5 million more than predicted by the Congressional Budget Office!

Hispanic joblessness dropped to 4.2%-the lowest since records have been kept!

Female unemployment is at 3.6%. It was 3.5% in the April record low.

The debating Democrats desperately need some new fodder. They should consider making these economic statistics the subject of the next debate. But on the other hand, there would not be much of a debate!

James W. Anderson