In her Tribune News Service piece on March 5 that ran in the TimesDaily, Trudy Rubin describes President Trump’s meeting with the North Korean dictator as a collapse. All the liberal news channels on TV were predicting that the president would give in and lift the sanctions without getting anything in return.

Then they criticized him for walking away from the table. What the president is doing is called diplomacy which the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines as “the art and practice of conducting negotiation between nations.” It is unreasonable and naïve to expect him to accomplish in a couple of meetings what none of the previous presidents have accomplished in the past several decades.

The liberals would prefer going to war rather than have President Trump be successful. The so-called hearings attempting to unseat the president while he was meeting with the North Korean dictator is not only shameful, but treasonous. Anyone who wants our president to fail in securing the nation from the threat of nuclear attack is a traitor.

Major Euell White