Often a person chooses to be offended by someone who has vented their opinion on a subject. The offended will be given a media platform that is simply not available to the thousands of reasonably-thinking people.

They must be too boring by only offering facts and common sense. The media-induced silence on facts and common sense that most people use does not get heard.

Sadly, the majority are shouted down by people who make their decisions to be offended on emotion rather than truth or treason.

Reasonable people understand that although everyone is entitled to their own opinion, they are not entitled to their own facts.

For example, if you believe that a tree feels pain when you trim its limbs, it is your right to believe that. It is not your right to force me to believe it or stop me from trimming my trees.

The majority of Americans are reasonable and would never even consider threatening anyone, blocking traffic, or disrupting meetings to get their way or stifle a differing opinion.

Most Americans give other people the benefit of doubt and assume they will be reasonable. This belief and tolerance by most productive Americans has in a sense turned the reins over to the group of people who chose to be offended based on emotions, not the truth. This has put our country on a rough road and in unfamiliar territory.

Don’t force me to believe trees feel pain. We have to wake up and get control of the reins.

Gary Willis