GDP. Sounds like a swear jar event. Gross Domestic Product. Sadly, it is not as exciting, and it causes a lot of problems to our economy. This is a major concern for every American, economists, or just lay people. The GDP is at its lowest in many years. The tax cut for the rich corporations and the upper one percent will add almost 2 trillion dollars to our deficit in the coming years. That’s a lot. Some politicians think that if they can take from Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, all will be well. These are programs that have been funded by premiums from employers and those who have worked almost since the dawn of time. Feels like it anyway.

Military spending has skyrocketed. Climb that wall another day.

The best way to decrease the deficit is to tax the corporations and the one percent. We can see the trickle down isn’t helping our economy. Cutting spending is always good, but I can see that isn’t going to happen. If you hear a politician say they want to decrease spending in social security and Medicare, that’s just a sly way of telling you that they want to take from the poor and let the rich eat the cake the poor made. If you don’t have FICA taken out of your check, you better have a 5-star 401k, and even that isn’t a perfect solution. I remember when my 401k imploded. Very sad. Missed my money for a long time. If you are just starting out, you need to educate yourself about retirement and how it will be paid for.

Just don’t let the politicians take away your rights to those things you’ve worked for and paid into that are rightfully yours. If they so much as point a finger in that direction, make them understand that you are watching.

Linda Johnson