Although I spent 10 years working for a school district in another state, I disagree with the idea that teachers need a raise as referenced in the October 2 letter, “Pay Teachers Here Better.” There are no other organization that rewards poor results like education and government. Fifty thousand dollars per year isn’t bad for nine months of work. That’s more than my pension and I’m doing just fine. I know all the excuses about having to use their own money and long hours. They aren’t the only people who have to work hard. Besides, they chose the occupation.

Alabama scores near the bottom every year and we WANT to reward teachers for not producing? Every job I ever had required that I prove I deserved a raise. It was simple. Poor performance equaled poor raises and poor pay. Good results helped me increase my pay and any upward trajectory within the organization. Show me the results, and we’ll show you the money.

I can’t say that I lay all the blame on the teachers. Our school boards seem to be populated time and again with the same local talent. Voting the boards from the same gene pool seems to be making nothing better. If 36 states have better results than Alabama, doesn’t it make sense that we try to bring in someone from the outside who has better ideas? (No, I don’t advocate the Korean connection although their schools are significantly better than ours.)

I’ve lived in many different states, but I’m ashamed to say that our local government and Education Departments make some of the worst decisions. It’s time that our Northwest Alabama groupthink is busted up with some new ideas and representatives.

Doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results is called lunacy.

R. Seaman