UNA’s football coach is making a big mistake by moving the UNA vs Jacksonville State game this year to Madison. UNA was supposed to play Jacksonville State at home at Braly Stadium on Saturday, October 15, 2022. Instead, the game will be played at Toyota Field in Madison, the home of the Rocket City Trash Pandas. I do not think Chris Willis understands how much the Shoals will lose by moving the game. Madison and Huntsville look to gain about 1 million dollars in hotel and restaurant business by this game being moved to that area, while the Shoals will be left high and dry. What UNA makes from the game in dollars, some of it will go back to the Trash Pandas by changing the field from a baseball field to a football field, and then back to baseball. UNA is 0-4 against Jacksonville State over the last four years. With next year’s game being at Jacksonville State, do you think they will be willing to move their home game to the Huntsville and Madison area? Maybe Chris Willis needs to move to Madison or Huntsville. Since he likes that area so much, maybe he can get a job there. He says it’s so his players and team can get more exposure. Can they not get that exposure here at the home of the UNA Lions?

Terry Willis