To the Editor:

My son worked at Walmart Distribution Center in Cullman, Alabama when he came up hurt. He had a bad gash on his head and began to have bad seizures. They continue today. The personnel director from Walmart was at the hospital every day saying they would take care of all the bills. This went on for a couple of weeks, then one day he never showed up again.

The big wigs showed up from the home office, probably with their big shot lawyer. They never once talked to me. They were trying to get out of paying his hospital bills. The doctor said they can’t do that because he had only a trace of marijuana in his blood and that could have been in his body for weeks. They did not pay one red cent.

I talked to a lawyer in Cullman who said we can get him some good benefits. He wanted to talk to my son. One of his aunts took him to the lawyer. After talking to him, my son said he would have to talk with his other aunt before deciding. Later this lawyer called saying that my son never came back.

I heard that his aunt had decided on a lawyer in Huntsville and they just dropped the case.  I guess Walmart could not afford to cover that even though they had run thousands of businesses out of operation leaving many people without a job.

I see Walmart as trying to take over all businesses, selling that China junk at outrageous prices. Their greed will be their downfall one day. Sam Walton would turn over in his grave if he knew his company had turned into a bunch of vultures.

By the way, my son still suffers today because he could not get the best treatment because there was no money. When you do people wrong, payback will always come. 

Live better with Walmart, but forget about help if you get hurt there.

Dale Casteel