Am I the only one who resents big tech’s hold on the American public’s ability to choose candidates, do business, or socialize, etc.? They decide who wins/loses elections (see millions sent to influence GA senate election, all to dems), where we shop/what we may/may not buy (see Mike Lindell’s My Pillow product line dropped from Kohl’s and Bed, Bath, and Beyond and his site dropped from Facebook). Personal accounts were closed after certain remarks were judged inappropriate by the unknown censor in the sky, while Lewis Farrakhan and the leader of Iran still have active accounts. Freedom of the press no longer exists in this country unless it is in newspapers such as this one.

Wake up people. Decisions are being taken from you little by little. Unless it is still possible to find an old encyclopedia in an undiscovered library somewhere, I’m not sure that the history of the country is still available in its unaltered form (see 1619 history now being taught as fact in some of our schools). We are in trouble.

Watch what your children are learning, use your cell phones/computers wisely, and choose to shop at stores that offer American made products as well as Chinese, even when the makers of those American products are Trump supporters. At least then you can be sure that the money you pay for those products will go to an American worker.

Saundra Crafton