Empathy & Education

A man of humanity is one who….desiring attainment for himself, helps others to attain.  

A man of humanity is one who….desiring attainment for himself, helps others to attain.  

This quote sums up the mission of the Syed Scholarship Foundation to remember and honor Dr. Faizullah Syed and his love of his community and education.

Family, integrity, empathy, success, and education were just a few of the words used by family, colleagues, and close friends to honor Dr. Faizullah Syed at the Celebration of Life in his honor recently at Shoals Primary Care in Sheffield.  Loved ones gathered to remember a man who came to the Shoals area and not only made it his home, but also extended the term “family” to everyone he came in contact with.  From impoverished beginnings in Pakistan, Syed clung to the ideals of hard work and dedication and finished at the top of his class at the Pakistan School of Medicine.  He arrived in the Shoals area in 2004 and immediately fell in love with his new home and close community.  

Syed started Shoals Primary Care from scratch, even bringing marble from his family in Pakistan for the building.  Colleague and close friend, Dr. Aaron Karr, recalled the importance of patient care and continuing to learn about medicine under the watchful eye of his mentor, Dr. Syed.  “He would often say, “Can you believe we get to have the privilege of taking care of patients every single day, and they pay us for it?” Karr also spoke of his boundless energy, his smile, his dancing, and his absolute love for learning, and how he was rarely seen without a book in his hand.

His children, Hannah, Abraham, and Fuzlullah, shared their fondest memories of their Dad.  Hannah explained how her father was always prepared, always learning and was always ready to take matters into his own hands, literally.  She shared that when her mother went into labor with her in 2001, things were moving swiftly and in a dangerous direction, but her father was never fazed.  With an order of, “Hand me the gloves,” her father guided her into the world and has been guiding her through her life ever since, stressing the importance of family and education every step of the way.

Oldest son, Fuzlullah P. Syed said that if his father knew they were founding a scholarship in his name he would be smiling from ear to ear, and he would be so very proud to help someone from the Shoals to further their education.  

The Syed Scholarship Foundation will award scholarships to Shoals area high school seniors who are planning to go into the healthcare field.  Students will apply through an online application form beginning in January.  Tax deductible donations will be accepted from individuals and businesses.  People can donate in person or by mail to: Syed Scholarship Fund 342 Cox Boulevard, Sheffield, AL, 35660.  T-shirts are also available to purchase for $10.  

The family of Dr. Syed has donated $50,000 to the foundation.  They hope to help students who wish to go into the healthcare field, but may not have the resources to do so.  They also hope recipients will stay in the Shoals area and continue their father’s legacy to care for patients he loved so dearly.