FLORENCE – The Business Council of Alabama and the Alabama Technology Network last week announced the selection of Adventech, Inc of Florence as the 2020 Small Manufacturer of the Year.

Adventech was recognized for its world leadership and technological breakthroughs in the development and manufacture of the Maxeff motor. The Maxeff motor includes patented proprietary technology which reduces power consumption by as much as 40%.  It is used primarily for industrial and municipality applications such as pump drives, cooling tower fan drives, automation applications and bag houses.

“Sixty-five percent of the energy of this world of industrial countries is used by electric motors,” said the Maxeff Motor inventor, Gerald Goche.  “I came up with a different system that has no pollution that will run 95 to 98, we even reach 99% efficiency at any load.   Hypothetically, if the whole world will use nothing but Maxeff motors, we would immediately save 35% energy from our power plants.”

Katie Boyd Britt, CEO of the Business Council of Alabama, explained, “Each year this award seeks to celebrate the hard work and dedication of those manufacturers leading the way in leadership, performance, profitability, and workforce relations.”

Britt added that the winners are selected by an independent panel of judges based on the company’s superior performance in customer focus, employee commitment, operating excellence, continuous improvement, profitable growth, and investing in training and retaining staff.

Keith Phillips, Director of the Alabama Technology Network, added, “We are excited to shine the spotlight on this impressive organization. Our congratulations to Adventech for this honor.”

Ron Ballman, Adventech CEO said, “Speaking for everyone in our company, Adventech is very proud to be chosen as the 2020 Small Manufacturer of the Year. Our objective to become recognized as the most disruptive technology to hit the electric motor market in the last 65 years continues to gain momentum.  This award confirms our manufacturing leadership.”

More than 3,000 Maxeff motors are currently in place, serving U.S. and international customers including Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Miller/Coors, InBev, Moffitt Cancer Center, Rio Tinto, and the Jamaican Water Authority.

Adventech, Inc is a technology-driven manufacturer of the MaxEff Electric Motor Generator and is committed to developing innovative, efficient technologies and devices for 21st century industry.