FLORENCE – Like most little girls, five year old Tynslee Blue knows where she wants to direct her weekly allowance. Unlike most, she gives it all away. She also gets excited thinking about it.

According to her mother, Haley Bennett, the excitement first saw light one night in February when Tynslee’s father, Corey, came home from the jobsite in downtown Florence. He mentioned that a guy was sleeping on a mattress next to the dumpster.

“That night we made an extra plate to take down there,” Bennett added.

But that was far from the end of it. Tynslee had some concerns.

She asked several questions,

“Why was he sleeping there? Where’s his house?, What if it rains?”

However, her most worrisome question was, “What if he is cold?”

“So we went and bought him a blanket and brought it to him. He only said thank you. He looked as if he was shocked we were so kind,” Bennett said.

Since then Tynslee has been determined to help others. “When we go to make our blessing bags she tries to pick out hats, sunglasses, lotions, band-aids, food, drinks, shoes, and more,” Bennett said.

Tynslee uses her money and combines it with many donations from others in the community. Bennett takes Tynslee, her sister, cousins, and a friend or two on occasion to Wilson Park to hand out or leave bags for the homeless. Last week the drop off was 20 bags.

In addition to the personal items, the care package also included sandwiches and bottled water.

“Tynslee was so excited to be able to help such a large number of people this time,” Bennett said, adding, “This couldn’t be possible without her determination to help others and the donations from our community.”

Bennett is thrilled that her little girl is so excited about helping others.

“So many people would prefer to turn their head and act as if they didn’t see a need,” Bennett said. So this mommy will continue to support Tynslee, her sister, and whomever else wants to tag along with us to help the community one smile at a time!

They hope to take out 30 bags on the next trip!

You can follow Tynslee at www.facebook.com/Little-Heros-For-The-Homeless-322050078423290/