Sadie’s Purpose

Amanda Knight with Sadie

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare- losing a child. In early April 2015, Chris and Amanda Knight’s world came crashing down around them when their infant daughter, Sadie passed away in her crib.

Sadie and her twin sister were born three months prematurely and had to fight to live every single day. Imagine seeing your tiny, two-pound babies struggle to survive.  No parent should ever have to go through that.  No sibling should ever have to see their baby brother or sister like that.

The neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) is a place where angels work. It’s a place where miracles are performed and lives are saved. Thousands of parents unexpectedly find themselves there each year, scared and hoping for the best while preparing for the worst. This was our home away from home for seven months.

When the phone rings at 2am and the doctor on the other end of the line tells you to “get here now,” you go. You don’t take anything you’ll need; you just go. You arrive at the hospital to more uncertainty and don’t know how long you’ll be there.

The NICU is a place where there may be a dozen people in the room.  Yet, you feel completely alone. There is much focus on the baby and it’s easy for families to be forgotten in the chaos. Having experienced just this with our own children, we knew we wanted to give back.

The pain of losing a child is crushing and all-consuming. Some days it seemed impossible to pick up the pieces and move forward with our lives, but we knew we would find a way. We found that way by helping other families who were just beginning their NICU journeys.

From our loss, Sadie’s Purpose was born. Our mission is to provide support to families with babies in the NICU to help ease their stress in a small way. We offer support to both parents and siblings by providing hospitals with support packs that they can give to their families upon admission to the NICU.

Our support packs for parents will include items such as toiletries, notepads, pens, hand sanitizer, handheld mirrors to see their tiny miracles as they cuddle them, and more. The support packs for siblings will include coloring books, crayons, books, stuffed animals, and other small, quiet toys to keep them entertained while parents tend to their baby brother or sister.

Our goal is to help families realize that they are not alone on the toughest journey of their lives. We want to help families take care of themselves first so that they are able to worry about what matters most- helping their baby get well and come home.

You can learn more about us and make a donation towards our mission by visiting our website at We would love to have you as a part of our family, helping us help families so they can help their babies.