Simple Acts of Kindness

Several years ago my husband was a patient at ECM Hospital. As I was leaving the parking deck where I parked daily for weeks, I looked for the dollar to exit and I realized I had only thirty five cents. So I pulled my car to the side and thought what am I going to do? Just as I was about the cry, this lady appeared out of nowhere and said do you have the right amount of change? I have four extra quarters. She handed my the quarters and walked away. I will never forget that lady with the strawberry blonde hair, twinkling blue eyes, and the sweetest smile.


The local nursing home where I work got a call recently from an operator of a Pepsi-Cola Bottling company in Winfield stating he wanted to gift all the staff with soft drinks. He inquired about the number on staff and when he was told 85, he didn’t miss a beat.

The gentleman drove to the area and dropped off a six pack of Dr. Pepper drinks to each employee. Not only did he serve OUR nursing home, he went around to all of the other nursing homes and assisted living homes in the area doing the same thing. What a generous act of kindness!


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