LEXINGTON — Alabama-based special effects company Global Special Effects, Inc. (GSE) has transformed into an essential business during these unprecedented times. In May of 2020, Founder and CEO, Francisco Guerra, announced that his manufacturing facilities were being retrofitted to convert their snow machines into electrostatic disinfecting machines. VSE Global was established and now manufactures five disinfecting machines with patent pending Aerostatic technology that can spray anywhere from 120-10,000 sq. ft. per minute. The company offers two disinfecting solutions which are both water-based and non-corrosive.   They are sold as economical concentrates that can be as inexpensive as $4.30/gal during application.  

One of the solutions, VS-1000, is hydrogen peroxide-based and is on the EPA List N for use against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) on surfaces. 

The other, VSE xTREME, is a more natural, antimicrobial disinfecting solution. VSE xTREME is EPA Exempt since it contains no harsh pesticides or insecticides and is VSE Global’s best-selling disinfectant. 

However, the protection doesn’t stop there. VSE Global has recently released 

DefendPro, an Antimicrobial Surface Protectant that stays on both hard and soft surfaces continuously protecting against microorganisms, mold, and mildew for up to 90 days. Simply disinfect the desired surface, apply DefendPro, and enjoy up to 90 days of surface protection. 

Since VSE Global technicians have tested these solutions with VSE machines, they are highly recommended. They have all been thoroughly tested and are known to work properly in all five machines. However, other solutions are also compatible with VSE Global machines as long as the solution is non-corrosive and not alcohol-based.  

For over 30 years, Global Special Effects has been the leading provider of special effects and atmospheric control for movies, theme parks, and special event industries around the world. GSE special effects have been featured in all the major theme parks and motion picture studios. Specifically, GSE evaporative snow can be seen in the Harry Potter movies, Disney theme parks and shows, Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift music videos, and more. The GSE snow machines were also featured on Discovery Channel’s hit TV show, How It’s Made.

“When this global crisis started, I knew I had two choices,” said GSE founder, Francisco Guerra. “We can either sit and wait to see what the ‘new normal’ is going to be or we can innovate. I have always been an innovator, so that’s exactly what we did.” 

VSE Global disinfection machines are manufactured in Lexington, AL. They have provided disinfecting machines and solutions locally, nationally, and internationally — from the Lauderdale County School district to Brunel University London and anywhere in between. 

When using VSE Global disinfection machines, there is no need to evacuate areas or wait for after-hours to disinfect. Spraying is recommended at the beginning and/or end of the day or during slow times when areas are clear. As with any disinfectant, no one should breathe in the chemicals directly and drying time should be allowed. Referring to the directions and labels on any disinfecting solution is always recommended.

To learn more or inquire about a specific product, please call 256-229-5551 or visit www.VSEGlobal.com.