Council Hosts CIA Awards

Colbert County Children’s Policy Council Character In Action honorees for 2019 with Judge Chad Coker. (Courtesy photo)

TUSCUMBIA – The Colbert County Children’s Policy Council hosted the 2019 Fall Semester Character in Action (CIA) Awards last week in District Court Judge Chad Coker’s courtroom in the Colbert County Courthouse in Tuscumbia.

Each student was presented with an award, a CIA t-shirt, and a $25 cash prize. The commonality among all of those who received an award is their kindness and helpfulness. That is a great testimony to their parents and teachers! We are very grateful to Sheffield Housing, the Tuscumbia Civitans, and Dr. Dennis Woods who make this event possible. The following students were selected for semester.

From the Colbert County School System:

Grades K-3: Victoria Helton (Hatton Elementary)

Grades 4-6: Inya Prince (Leighton Elementary)

Grades 7-8: Gabe Broughman (Cherokee High School)

Grades 9-12: McKayla Phillips (Colbert Heights High School)

From the Muscle Shoals City School System:

Grades K-3: Abram Ainsworth (McBride Elementary)

Grades 4-6: Abel Antonio “Tony” Javier (Muscle Shoals Middle School)

Grades 7-8: Gabby Perez (Muscle Shoals Middle School)

Grades 9-12: Matthew James (Muscle Shoals High School)

From the Sheffield City School System:

Grades K-3: Karianna Long (Threadgill Primary School)

Grades 4-6: Genesis Carson (LE Willson Elementary School)

Grades 7-8: Eli Word (Sheffield Junior High School)

Grades 9-12: Ben Allison (Sheffield High School)

From the Tuscumbia City School System:

Grades K-3: Hudson Adair (G.W. Trenhom Primary School)

Grades 4-6: Olivia Young (R.E. Thompson Intermediate School)

Grades 6-8: Charles Brymer (Deshler Middle School)

Deshler High School, grades 9-12, did not participate.