Ms. Charlotte Perrett of Muscle Shoals turns 99

Ms. Charlotte Perrett

Ms. Charlotte Perrett of Muscle Shoals turned 99 years old on Monday, September 14.   She was born in 1921 and is a resident of Muscle Shoals.  All 5 of her children are still living.  They are - from oldest to youngest: Mattie Johnson of Cherokee, AL, James Freeman of Killeen, TX, Barbarise (Barb) Green of Muscle Shoals, Ronald (Ronnie) Green of Florence, and Jerry Perrett of Detroit, MI. 

Ms. Charlotte is also the head of six generations in her family, all females from her through her daughter, Mattie; granddaughter, Felecca; great-granddaughter, Fawn; great-great granddaughter, Jasmine, and the great-great-great grandbaby, Nola.  

Ms. Charlotte is an active member of Saint Paul Missionary Baptist in Tuscumbia.   When asked how she has made it to the BIG DOUBLE 9’s she explained, “The Lord was the way, and the ONLY WAY!,” adding, “I am saying ‘Goodbye to 98, Hello to 99’ and I am looking toward 100!”  

Her daughters said, “Them good ol’ chicken ‘n dumplings, turnip greens, and cornbread are bound to help in her long life process, too ... because she sure could cook!”  

Ms. Charlotte is an avid lover of lady bugs and has a huge collection of them.  She also loves her Atlanta Braves and Alabama football, too!   She is a “Little Spunky Firecracker!”  The city of Muscle Shoals even had an early drive-thru birthday parade this past Saturday for Ms. Charlotte, which tickled her so much!!!  

Her next-door neighbor, Suzanne Pitt, wrote this article.   Pitt sums Ms. Charlotte up as her 2nd momma and loving Inspiration to her and her family. She also compared her to Miss Clara in the movie,  War Room, because of her faithfulness to God and Inspiration that she has on everyone she comes in contact with.   

Happy 99th Birthday, Ms. Charlotte Perrett!