FLORENCE – Founders’ Day at the University of North Alabama was celebrated January 11, a day dedicated to the institution’s founding in Colbert County in 1830 and solidifying UNA’s position as Alabama’s oldest four-year university. Cookies and t-shirts were distributed on campus to students, faculty, and staff as part of the day’s events.

“On this Founders’ Day, our University is making good on its commitment to deliver a high-quality educational experience for our students,” said UNA President Dr. Ken Kitts. “Student interest in UNA is at an all-time high. Our enrollment is now well over 8,000, with additional growth forecast for Fall 2021. We are also setting records with our retention and graduation rates, both of which are key indicators of student satisfaction.”

The Founders’ Day event was initiated in 2020 for UNA’s 190th birthday and leading up to UNA’s Bicentennial in 2030. In its first year in operation, in 1830, LaGrange College, as it was known then, welcomed 70 students and faculty to campus. Since then, there have been eight name changes and one change of address. It became the University of North Alabama in 1974.

“There is a lot for us to commemorate at UNA,” said Dr. Tammy Jacques, Student Affairs Assistant Vice President and Founders’ Day coordinator. “Later this year, we’ll begin the Year of the UNA Woman, which is a celebration of the admittance of women to UNA 150 years ago. We are always looking forward and looking ahead.”