Simple Acts Kindness

When my son, Ryan was five years old, he was in kindergarten and went to school in the mornings. His sister and brother were older, so they were in school all day.  

Since Ryan was home in the afternoon, he was able to go to the St. Patrick’s Day Parade that began at noon. While we watched, the people in the parade threw a lot of candy. By the time we left he had a bag full of sweets. When we got home, he hadn’t eaten any. 

He asked me for three paper lunch bags, then he proceeded to line them up on the piano bench. Next, he divided the candy evenly between the bags. He waited for his siblings to get home, then gave them each a bag. They all indulged in their treats together. I couldn’t have been a prouder mom. 

Maybe some day, “a little child will lead us.”

- Stephanie             

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