An Alpha Award

Dr. Ken Kitts, center, with Alpha Phi Alpha members Larry Softley, left, and Wesley Thompson.

FLORENCE – The University of North Alabama has received the Business Award from the Kappa Nu Lambda chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. The award recognizes those businesses that make a lasting positive impact on the community.

Dr. Rod Sheppard said, “UNA received a business award based on the partnerships they have with area schools and the opportunities they provide their students in the form of the education they provide at an affordable price.” Sheppard is a president of the Kappa Nu Lambda chapter of the fraternity and a past president of the UNA Alumni Association. Dr. Sheppard is also the principal at Florence High School.

UNA leadership was presented with the award at the 29th Unity Breakfast to honor the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

“We’re honored to receive such an award from Alpha Phi Alpha because it signifies that we’re benefiting the community and the region through the power of the education we provide,” said UNA President Dr. Ken Kitts. “Our alumni and their successes are UNA’s legacy. We’re proud to see how they’re changing the world thanks, in part, to their time at the University.”