Vaccines for Everyone!

FLORENCE – Lauderdale County Commission is partnering with the North Alabama Medical Center to provide free COVID-19 vaccinations primarily for the citizens in the outskirts of Lauderdale County.  Drive-thru vaccines are offered Monday-Friday often alternating between Cornerstone Church in western Lauderdale County at 12101 Highway 20 and the upper boat deck parking lot at Joe Wheeler State Park in Rogersville. No appointment is necessary.  This week both locations will have vaccines Monday-Friday.

“The Lauderdale County Commission understands the impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic and its effect on the citizens,” said Shana French Thompson, Assistant to the Administrator of the Lauderdale County Commission.  “They want to provide these mobile curbside vaccination stations to outlying neighborhoods in the county so everyone will have a convenient location to visit.”  

 Clinics are curbside and usually run from 8am-3pm or until the daily supply is depleted.  Clinics are open to anyone who is at least 16 years old.  They will need to present their ID in order to receive the vaccine.  The two-dose Pfizer brand vaccine is what is being administered.  

 Look for the weekly schedule in this issue and the May 12 issue of your Courier Journal.