New LaGrange Signs Arrive

Craig Smith and William White, employees of ALDOT are shown erecting one of four new directional signs on Hwy. 157 in Colbert County for the LaGrange College Site Park.

LEIGHTON – New signage on US Highway 157 was recently installed to direct visitors to the  LaGrange College Site in Leighton.  LaGrange is listed on the Alabama Register of Historic Places and is the forerunner of the University of North Alabama.  The site has been operated by the non-profit LaGrange Living Historical Association since 1988. 

The highway signage had become indecipherable over the years and the historic brown background color had faded to a point where the wording was no longer legible from a distance. 

“As members of the LaGrange Living Historical Association, we sought for a number of years to have the old signs replaced,” stated board member Louise Lenz in a release.  “The Alabama Department of Transportation told us that the request would have to be made in Montgomery.  Not until we approached Alabama House Representative, Andrew Sorrell, did we receive the assistance we needed to obtain new directional signs for the historic park.“

“Andrew said, ‘The state will construct and erect the signs for us, but we have to pay them beforehand,’” Lenz continued.

Sorrell  applied for the four signs through the TVA in-lieu-of-taxes grant with the Colbert County Community Development Commission.  

“We knew the new signs would be one of the best marketing elements for tourists to locate the site and learn about Alabama’s first Chartered College and its people,” Lenz said.    “We appreciate so very much everyone who participated in this project for tourism and preservation of the historic college site.”