Shoals Teens’ Unofficial Guinness Record Jumping into History

Pictured L-R:  Jacob Roberson, Thomas Bendall, Zach Granger, Jonah Davis, Harper Branscome, Conner McCrary, and Evair Yerena.  Mikey Perez stepped into the rotation after this photo and is not pictured.

MUSCLE SHOALS — Eight Muscle Shoals teens shared time bouncing on a trampoline continuously for almost 27 hours to unofficially break the Guinness world record for longest marathon trampolining.

The former record was 25.5 hours completed in 2017 by a group in the United Kingdom.

The idea surfaced more than a month prior to the event and discussion resulting in an outpouring of support in the Shoals and far beyond before and during the record-breaking marathon.  The entire marathon was shown on YouTube for everyone across the globe to see.

The teens got support from those watching as far away as Australia.

Thomas Bendall, Zach Granger, Jonah Davis, Ever Yerena, Harper Branscome, Conner McCary, Mikey Perez, and Jakob Robertson each took turns jumping on the trampoline in 30-minute intervals.

They started just before 1:30pm on Friday, April 2 and closed it out around 4:30pm on Saturday.  Word has it that they actually jumped for 29 hours.  However, the recording apparatus failed two hours in, so they had to restart.