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FLORENCE – The Courier Journal’s business lobby has reopened to the public.

Ads may be placed in person and general business may be conducted with both the Courier Journal and TimesDaily at 219 W. Tennessee St. in Florence.

Modified office hours are 9am-4:30pm Monday-Friday. We will continue observing social distancing guidelines as stipulated in the governor’s Safer at Home update. Three people will be allowed in the lobby at any time, and we ask customers to wear face masks during their visits for the next few weeks.

The Courier Journal is still open for business online, by telephone, fax, or email. Your free copy of the Courier Journal is available after 10am every Tuesday in the lobby or in the rack outside our front door at 219 West Tennessee St. in Florence.

Please call 256-764-4268 for more information or to conveniently place a classified ad over the phone.