Simple Acts of Kindness

A drive along Frankfort Road in Colbert County will lead you to a corner where supreme kindness lives, a husband’s and wife’s abode. To the side and rear of the house can be seen a large garden that feeds the couple, their children’s families, other relatives, many senior citizens and friends. It may be picked and delivered at no charge and often unexpectedly. Inside the wife will be canning 100+ quarts of vegetables from that garden or cooking a complete meal to be delivered to one who is sick or a family who has lost a family member. If not canning or cooking, she may be sewing a costume at the last minute request of a grandchild, baking a decorating a cake for a birthday or a shower, or sending out messages to the church family.

Not all of their kindness deals with food. They willingly transport elderly, widows, or whoever needs transportation to a local doctor’s office or one in Huntsville or Birmingham. He may be seen mowing the lawn of the church or repairing something that stopped working. They are each very active in the work of the church they attend.  

Their kindness knows no limit. It is not limited to the elderly or those in need. Their kindness shines when children show up to choose their special Christmas tree at the local tree farm and are greeted by Santa Claus (Mr. D. and Mrs. Santa (Mrs. D.) It is difficult to know who is the happiest in this element. 

 Their acts of kindness are simple to them. However, to those who receive them, it is a gift from above. Darrell and Deborah Reid glow with kindness.  

    A Thankful Recipient

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