FLORENCE – The Florence Indian Mound Museum is collaborating with the Alabama Chapter of the Trail of Tears Association to host a presentation series titled, “Southeastern Native Americans—Fact, Fiction, and Folktales.” The series will focus on different aspects of southeastern Native American history and culture. Presentations will be in-person and recorded. The first presentation in the series is at 2pm Sunday, September 25 at the Florence Indian Mound Museum.  

Dr. Sean Jacobson will present his research on the Brainerd Mission Cemetery. 

Located near the historical villages of the Chickamauga Cherokees in modern-day Chattanooga, TN, Brainerd Mission was one of the largest projects of Christian evangelization and civilization among the Southeastern Native tribes.  Several leaders of the Cherokee Nation during the Removal crisis were affiliated with Brainerd Mission throughout its existence between 1819-1838. This presentation will highlight the after-story of this witness site to the Trail of Tears: how it became forlorn and forgotten; how it was later claimed by Christian churches and the Daughters of the American Revolution; and how the grand vision to interpret the site as a living history museum was mysteriously abandoned in the mid-20th century. Although the cemetery is now a certified site along the National Historic Trail of Tears, what can we learn about the destruction of its historical setting?  

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