FLORENCE – Dr. Trudy Abel is an associate professor of Collaborative Special Education in the University of North Alabama’s College of Business and Human Sciences. She has been appointed to the Alabama Lifespan Respite Coalition by Gov. Kay Ivey.

“I’m honored to accept an appointment by the Governor to the Alabama Lifespan Respite Coalition,” Abel said. “I look forward to serving the people of Alabama and working with the Coalition to build partnerships and strengthen public awareness about respite care.”

The Alabama Lifespan Respite Coalition was created by the Alabama Legislature in 2012 and is comprised of members who are culturally, economically, and geographically diverse and representative of the state demographics. The coalition’s responsibilities are three-fold: to build partnerships and coordinate respite care efforts statewide; to provide public awareness about respite to the citizens of Alabama; and to identify, coordinate, and develop community/funding resources for respite services.

Abel’s term will expire in June of 2021, and her appointment fills a vacancy on the Coalition.