Dr. Leonard D. Barber

Dr. Leonard D. Barber

SHEFFIELD – St. Luke United Methodist Church in Sheffield recently welcomed Dr. Leonard D. Barber as its new Pastor.

Dr. Barber was first called into the ministry in 1993. He was licensed in 1994 by Pastor Herb Brooks at St. John Missionary Baptist Church (NBC) in Joliet, IL. and was ordained in 1999 at Hyland Heights Baptist Church (SBC) in Lynchburg, VA.

Barber has several degrees including a Bachelor of Theology from the International School Theology, a Bachelor of Theology from Amherst Theological Seminary, a Masters of Theology from Community Bible Institute & Seminary, a Doctor of Divinity from Amherst Theological Seminary, and a Doctor of Ministry from International Circle of Faith Seminary, among others. Barber has studied at Princeton Theological Seminary and is currently studying Sacred Theology at the University of Notre Dame.

Barber has taught Systematic Theology, Neuthetic Counseling, Pastoral Epistles, Urban Church Planting and the Book of James on the undergrad level at Community Bible Institute and Amherst Theological Seminary. Barber has planted nine churches from coast-to-coast including Greater Grace Ministries in Florence. He has been a retail business owner of high-end New York Urban-style clothing and he also established a rescue mission.

Dr. Barber is endorsed by the United States Chaplaincy Corp as a Chaplain and served as the Alabama State Commander.

His dynamic presentations and thought-provoking abilities as a teacher have served him well in recent decades.

Barber is married to Tammy F. Barber. Together they enjoy a rich life filled with children and grandchildren.