CHEROKEE – TEC, a leading provider of broadband in Alabama, has completed the construction of Fast Fiber Internet to the Red Rock community in Barton. Installations have begun for residential and business customers who will now have access to high-quality internet. TEC contributed $663,319 of the $1,020,490 total investment for the project. The remaining $357,171 was provided by the Alabama Broadband Accessibility Fund.

“I want to thank everyone at TEC for making high speed internet available to all of us in the Red Rock, Barton, and Highway 247 area,” stated community member Steve Harrison. “I know that TEC has been working hard over the last several years to make this service available to us. For over 15 years many of us have had to endure either no service, limited dial up service, or expensive cell service. As soon as the new TEC fiber optic service went online, it was like we finally entered the 21st century.”

Fiber optic broadband is a future-proof technology that increases property values and improves quality of life.