FLORENCE – The Lauderdale County District Attorney’s Child Support Unit has launched its “Pay Up by Father’s Day” Campaign. Those who have been ordered to pay child support and who currently have outstanding warrants now have an opportunity to avoid arrest by making arrangements with the Child Support Unit Staff at the District Attorney’s Office to pay the court-ordered monies.

“Over the past year, the number of bench warrants issued for failure to pay court ordered child support has grown substantially,” said Lauderdale County District Attorney, Chris Connelly. “We have about 120 outstanding warrants which account for approximately $3 million in unpaid child support and accrued interest. We want to work with those ordered to pay so that they can avoid arrest.”

Any person with an outstanding child support bench warrant may come to the 2nd Floor office of the Lauderdale County Courthouse during business hours, 8am-5pm - through Friday, June 18 - to make payment arrangements.

“After this grace period expires, we will round up those with warrants and arrest them,” Connolly added. “This is an opportunity for people to avoid arrest. If they take advantage of this opportunity by Father’s Day, they can be free on July 4th–Independence Day.”

For more information, call 256-765-1250.