Gardeners in Tuscumbia!

Shoals Master Gardeners pictured include: Michael Thomason, Paula Kelly, Cynthia Kershaw, Sally McGuire, John Norton, Michael Wilson, Alan Nix, Dwight James, Wray Dillard, Candy Parkhurst, Lynn Buchanan and Karen Crow.    

TUSCUMBIA - The Shoals Master Gardeners were honored by the Tuscumbia City Council Monday night for their generous service to the city. At the request of the Tuscumbia Historic Preservation Commission (THPC), the Master Gardeners recently spent many volunteer hours redesigning and landscaping the raised beds along Commons and Sixth Street. 

Mayor William Foster and Commission members, Lorie Johnson and Ron Hudson, presented the Shoals Master Gardeners with certificates of appreciation during the council meeting. 

The Commission reached out to Master Gardener Dwight James for help with the project, and he organized the redesign efforts. 

““The Shoals Master Gardeners were grateful for the recent opportunity to collaborate with the city of Tuscumbia to refurbish two raised beds that had formerly been maintained by the Helen Keller Garden Club,” said James. “This project was a perfect fit for our Project Objectives and Purpose, and hopefully citizens of Tuscumbia will benefit from the enhanced beds.”

“We are thankful to the Shoals Master Gardeners for so generously giving of their time and expertise to clean up and re-landscape that area of our Commons,” said Johnson. “They did an excellent job restoring what had been so lovingly cared for by the Helen Keller Garden Club for many years. The beautiful landscaping is a wonderful first impression for those visiting our beloved community. It is much appreciated by all who live here.”