Thomas woke up in his hospital room and was immediately greeted by a very eager police detective who demanded answers about his fall, which made Brooke especially nervous. Sally and Wyatt shared a tender and unexpected kiss. Shauna and Flo worried that the mess Flo was in might be bigger than they expected. Brooke remained utterly shocked at Ridge's inability to believe that she did not premeditate Thomas' accident. Bill and Katie shared a kiss. An enraged Ridge paid Flo a visit in jail. Bill was stunned when Brooke finally admitted the truth about what happened the night of Thomas' tumble. Liam and Hope rekindled their love for one another. Wait to See: Steffy unleashes her fury on Thomas and Flo.


Stefan received a surprising phone call. Gabi made a potentially fatal mistake. Ben and Ciara came to Julie's aid. Later, Julie fought for her life in the hospital. Doug supported Hope as she read Ted's letter. Gabi was stunned to learn that Vivian was alive. Eric shared news about Nicole and Holly with a conflicted Sarah. Kayla relayed heartbreaking news about Julie's condition to Hope and Eli. Meanwhile, Lani scolded Gabi for leaving Julie to die. Eric and Vivian found themselves in a dangerous situation. Sarah had an unsettling realization. Eric tracked down Nicole. Stefan and Vivian reunited. Victor plotted to get rid of Ben. Vivian and Kate finally met face-to-face. Wait to See: Ciara is suspicious when Brady offers her a job at Titan.


Cameron helped out at home. Julian was defensive. Sonny and Olivia discussed Dante. Gladys made a surprise visit. Jax felt unnerved. Cameron got confrontational. Epiphany's news was grim. Peter was startled. Felicia warned Robert. Alexis was suspicious. Julian tried to be encouraging. Elizabeth kept a level head. Finn needed more information. Obrecht took desperate measures to get what she wanted. Nina felt overwhelmed. Jax was very inquisitive. Alexis and Diane got caught up. Wait to See: Monica visits the ICU.


Adam vowed that he would stop at nothing to bring Victor down and continued to blackmail Michael with incriminating photos. As the opening of the Grand Phoenix approached, Summer accepted Theo's invitation to be his date. However, her patience for Zoe grew thin until she snapped at her and told her not to be so clingy. Theo backed Summer, which further upset Zoe. Adam stole Nate's tablet in order to access Victor's medical records. Sharon realized that she needed a change of scenery and planned a trip out of town by herself. Nick was quick to support her decision, encouraging her to take time alone. Jack also did some soul searching, admitting that his life felt empty, and asked others for advice. Wait to See: Victor asks Nikki to keep a secret.

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