Soap Opera Preview



Hope and Liam shared a sweet kiss, causing Liam to have hope for their future. The end to a visit between friends quickly became a nightmare when someone died. Zende's romantic date with Paris was dramatically interrupted when Zoe pulled a prank. In a split second, an unexpected death forever changed the lives of the Spencers, Logans and Forresters. Paris recounted her humiliating date with Zende to a pleased Zoe. Hope had second thoughts about her separation with Liam. Dollar Bill engaged in a full coverup of a shocking demise. Wait to See: Hope worries when Liam misses their scheduled lunch date. Bill realizes that he must do whatever it takes to protect the innocent. Hope rushes to the hospital to help make a victim identification.


Ava urged Nicole to keep her secret. Belle and Shawn reeled over Jan's threat. John confided his fears in Marlena. Ciara felt unsettled by a moment of connection with Ben. Paulina pitched to Abe her idea for the Horton Town Square. Xander caused a scene at Julie's Place. Chanel suggested to Theo that they move in together. Marlena hypnotized Ciara in hopes of triggering her memory. Ciara ripped into Claire. Gwen made a surprising apology to Chad. Jack urged Abigail to call a truce with Gwen. Xander got acquainted with Chanel. Abigail and Gwen's attempt at a truce went awry. Jake gave Kate disappointing news. Ava made an emotional confession. Gabi told Rafe she knows who killed Charlie. Allie tried to protect Tripp. Wait to See: As Rafe eliminates one murder suspect, a new one arises. Sami admits to Lucas her marriage is in trouble. John has a tense encounter with Jan.


Sasha interrupted an intimate moment. Valentin was surprised by what he saw. Nikolas clashed with Cyrus. Ava received an ominous package. Sam stepped in to help with Alexis' personal affairs. Anna calmed an anxious Valentin. Brook Lynn had to improvise. Cyrus and Nikolas talked frankly. Alexis got the support she needed. Finn and Chase ran into Gregory at the hospital. Alexis was introspective. Kevin shared his perspective. Valentin pointed out the silver lining. Ava tried to change Nikolas' mind. Joss confided in Jax. Laura got a surprise visit from Scott. Carly visited Jason. Peter made Anna and Valentin an offer. Finn paid Anna a visit. Peter delivered a veiled threat. Wait to See: Britt and Maxie solidify their plan. Portia faces Taggert. Curtis and Jordan come to terms with the future of their relationship.


Sharon and Adam had a secret rendezvous. Ashland backed Kyle into a corner. Jack conspired with Kyle. Chelsea celebrated her freedom. Victor retaliated against Billy. Lily gave Victoria a reality check. Sharon covered with Rey. Abby and Devon awaited news from Mariah. Wait to See: Lauren delivers bad news to Jack. Phyllis gives Nick a warning shot. Nick's visit to Chelsea takes a shocking turn and Lauren takes control.

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