A devious Quinn uploaded the video of Brooke and Bill's kiss. A frantic Brooke enlisted Donna's help in trying to delete it before Ridge could see it. Meanwhile, Katie and Bill were on their way over to Brooke's party. Wyatt updated Flo on Sally's prognosis. Sally attempted to keep Dr. Escobar in her place, reminding her about her oath. Donna tried to cover for Brooke being absent at her own celebration. Bridget returned to L.A. to surprise her mom. When Brooke finally arrived, she told Donna the whole story about Shauna, Quinn and the video. Shauna contemplated her decision to leave town over her love for Ridge. Quinn enjoyed the fallout of her malicious deed toward Brooke. Wait to See: Flo puts Dr. Escobar on the hot seat.


Chad struggled to hide the truth from Abigail. Kate and Gabi found themselves trapped together. Stefano attempted to connect with Marlena. Sonny urged Evan to do the right thing. Ben was released from prison and reunited with Ciara. Kayla filled in the gaps for Hope. Maggie said goodbye to her loved ones before going to prison. Nicole got answers about Mickey, and she later confided her suspicions to Abe. Hattie pressed Roman about his feelings for her. Eric expressed concern to Sarah about Xander's role in Mickey's life. Ben and Ciara enjoyed a day of romance. Stefano proposed to Marlena. Anna and Abigail grew suspicious of Chad's behavior. Hattie made a surprising decision about her future. Marlena felt conflicted. Wait to See: Abigail makes a shocking discovery.


Sonny received some terrible news. Jordan misled Sam. Curtis was taken aback and later confronted Jordan. Brook Lynn retaliated. Willow was speculative. Jason tried to reason with Jordan. Spinelli went to work in helping Sam. Molly grew concerned. Sasha was stunned. Spinelli found himself in a precarious position. Carly confronted Nelle. Anna ran into Britt. Wait to See: Sonny receives an urgent call about Mike.


Nick agreed to lease Jill some office space even though she was vague about her reason for it. Victoria vented to Sharon about being trapped at home recovering from being stabbed, and she decided to go back to work early to boost her spirits. When Nikki arrived home, she realized that Victoria wasn't there. At the Abbott mansion, Ashley and Traci opened up to each other about their mother's decline. Later, when Jack came home, the three agreed that it was time to bring Dina back. Later, at Jabot, Jack announced that he would be spending less time at work in order to focus on Dina. After Jack left, Theo and Kyle had a power struggle during a meeting. Sharon wasn't sure she would be well enough to go on Faith's school trip to Chicago over the summer. Victoria quickly realized that she wasn't physically ready to dive back into work. Wait to See: Amanda takes a big risk.

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