Soap Opera Preview



Eric was shocked and angered by Quinn and Carter's betrayal. Hope raced against the clock to free Liam. Eric made a stunning and unexpected demand of Carter. Liam learned that Thomas was his hero, and he and Hope had a joyful reunion. Bill and Justin blew up over Justin's attempt at a hostile takeover of Spencer Publications. Carter told Quinn about the conditions Eric set forth for him. Wait to See: Justin approaches Ridge with an offer of alliance. Carter and Quinn's mutual lust for each other is palpable. Bill attempts to process Justin's duplicity and disloyalty.


Julie interrupted an intimate moment between Xander and Gwen. Theo shared some exciting news with Chad. Ben and Ciara clashed over both of them wanting to hire Justin. Chanel admitted to Allie that she might have feelings for her. Lani told Paulina she was cutting her out of her life. Marlena and John tried to cheer up Abe. Bonnie was hurt when Justin turned her down. Gabi concocted a devious plot with Jake. Sami's secret wasn't so safe after all. Chanel had an awkward encounter with Allie and Tripp. Eric and Nicole shared a joyous reunion. Lucas told Philip about his affair with Sami. Eli grilled Gwen about Snyder's death. Eric and Nicole threw together a last-minute anniversary party. Wait to See: Brady invites Chloe to Eric and Nicole's party. Sami tries to hammer out a deal with Xander. Lucas and Philip strategize how to blow up EJ and Sami's marriage.


Austin approached Carly about the Michael Corinthos wing at GH. Britt and Obrecht came to an understanding. Sam was worried about Alexis's well-being. Jordan, Shawn and TJ had a family discussion. Curtis was apologetic. Laura tried to bolster Nikolas. Sonny awaited some important news. Scott shared a big announcement. Maxie looked to Nina for advice. Trina defended Ava. Brook Lynn was worried her secret would be exposed. Nikolas was pleasantly surprised. Laura tried to reassure Ava. Anna and Valentin discussed their evolving relationship. Sonny awaited Lenny's return. Carly faced off with Gladys. Curtis and Portia addressed the tension between them. Sam questioned Jason's motives. Phyllis gave a protective warning about Nina. Wait to See: Brando gets to the bottom of Sasha's hesitation. Maxie needs a favor. Ned, Brook Lynn and Michael come together for a common goal.


Victor laid down the law. Sharon gave Adam a reality check. Kyle and Tara's day in the park took an unexpected turn. Nate and Elena fended off a third wheel. Rey got a new assignment. Chelsea's dreams came true. Sally was stung by betrayal. Billy came clean with Jack. Victoria and Ashland made a shocking announcement. Abby and Tessa ramped up the tension. Phyllis and Tara played nice. Sharon was reunited with an old friend. Wait to See: Billy and Phyllis join forces. Nikki supports Victoria. Amanda asks Victor for help

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