Soap Opera Preview



Alex and Justin rescued Bonnie. The war between EJ and Ava took a stunning turn. Xander was faced with a horrifying task. Rafe questioned Bonnie about her captor. EJ was devastated by Ava's actions. Xander prepared to confess to Sarah. Gabi impulsively invited Stefan and Chloe to her wedding. Li gave Rolf instructions on how to deal with Wendy and Johnny. Jada confided in Kate about her situation. Eric announced some big news to Roman. Nicole and Rafe had an awkward encounter on Thanksgiving Day. Abe and Allie came up with a surprise for Chanel. Marlena consoled EJ. Alex invited Stephanie over for a second date on Thanksgiving. Meanwhile, Rafe hosted Thanksgiving dinner for Gabi and Li. Nicole was shocked after overhearing Eric and Jada. Rafe found EJ in an emotional state. Nicole confronted Jada about Eric. Xander shared his guilt with Gwen. Wait to See: Sarah becomes suspicious of Xander.


Britt received some difficult news. Robert wanted answers from Holly. Scott had a warning for Cody. Valentin and Victor came face to face. Carly lied to Sonny. Victor gave Holly a new task. Brook Lynn threatened Linc. Carly was thrown by Michael's news. Dante let some information slip. Sam confided in Alexis. Carly and Nina had it out. Britt opened up to Liesl. Chase was surprised. Brook Lynn made a decision. Wait to See: Valentin and Martin team up.


Elena noticed a shift in Nate's priorities. Noah told the truth about Audra. Daniel Romalotti returned to Genoa City. Billy supported Chelsea with a difficult decision. Ashley got the upper hand. Nick retaliated against Adam. Victor and Nikki counted their blessings. Diane's presence caused tension at the Abbott's Thanksgiving dinner. Wait to See: Phyllis and Daniel share a warm reunion.

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