Hope confronted Brooke about kissing Bill. Meanwhile, Bill spent time with his young son by teaching him how to be a good investor. Katie told Thorne that his brother blackmailed Judge McMullen into ruling in her favor. Charlie made a "sweet" and unexpected marriage proposal to Pam in the Forrester kitchen. Thorne and Ridge bonded over their mutual hatred of Bill Spencer. Tension filled the room after Quinn objected to Pam's request to Eric about her wedding. Ridge warned Brooke not to trust Bill. Liam and Hope visited Dr. Phillips to learn their baby's gender. Pam showed off her engagement ring to Hope and Steffy. Wait to See: A brawl between three men ends in tragedy.


Gabi advised Chad to have Abigail committed. Ciara had an unexpected romantic dream about Ben. Hope shared with Rafe her theory about the planted evidence. Ciara and Tripp were suspicious when they came upon Claire and Ben conspiring. Gabi tried to make Chad believe that Abigail had turned violent. Stefan told Abigail that he was certain her alternate personality "Gabby" was back. Sami and Eric broke into Xander's warehouse. Belle was caught between Mimi and Chloe. Rex Brady returned to Salem. Sami accused Brady of being in cahoots with Kristen. Nicole escaped from Xander, but unknowingly stumbled upon an earth-shattering secret. Wait to See: Sami discovers the mystery patient.


Carly got a big surprise. Sonny's conversation with Jason was unexpectedly cut short. Drew thought things over long and hard. Elizabeth visited Sam. Lulu's marriage continued to test her. Jason sought Monica's help. Ava found a new drinking buddy. Nina had a theory. Maxie feigned surprise. Drew considered his choices. Sonny put everything into perspective. Maxie offered some words of encouragement. Peter received a second chance. Kim leaned on Bobbie. Alexis started her day with Julian. Cameron couldn't help himself. Elizabeth and Franco addressed their issues. Jordan had some news for Curtis. Wait to See: Josslyn puts her plan in motion.


Although Victoria and Phyllis strongly opposed it, Nikki and Sharon voted to pay the group's blackmailer. Lola walked out on her date with Kyle after he leapt to comfort Summer. Lily was concerned when Cane missed visiting hours at the prison, so she asked Nate to check on him. Cane admitted that he skipped the visit because he was having trouble seeing his wife behind bars. Billy returned from rehab and nearly came to blows with Kyle when he found out that Kyle was the one who set him up to gamble again. Despite his earlier nonchalance about the matter, Kyle realized that he went too far, but Billy refused to accept his apology. Wait to See: The Abbotts receive a painful reminder from their past.

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