Hope broke down in front of Brooke about what she witnessed between Steffy and Liam. She also informed her that Douglas was her hero. Steffy tried telling Liam that Thomas pulled some strings to get what he wanted. Steffy and Ridge were worried about the outcome of the upcoming Forrester fashion showdown after seeing Sally's designs. Sally panicked that she would be fired. Shauna encouraged Flo to go after Wyatt even though he was engaged to Sally. Ridge confessed to Brooke about his shared kisses with Shauna. Wyatt conveyed to Flo that he and his family thought she did a remarkable thing by donating her kidney to Katie. Quinn eavesdropped on a private conversation between Eric and Brooke. Shauna told Ridge that she would always be there for him. Katie made a plea for forgiveness to her family. Brooke and Quinn declared war upon each other. Wait to See: Quinn receives some bad news from Eric.


Clyde suggested to Ben that they break out of prison. Hattie caused complications for Kate. "Steve" revealed his true identity to Kristen. Ciara was blown away when Xander and Victor's secret was revealed. Abigail was surprised to find "Steve" with Kristen. Chad grew suspicious of Kate. Eli proposed to Gabi. Gina and Stefano devised a new plot to break up John and Marlena. Abe was stunned when Eli filled him in on Lani. Armed with a hidden agenda, JJ paid Gabi a visit. Julie had some bold advice for Kayla. "Steve" persuaded John to leave town with him to hunt down Stefano. JJ attempted to disable Gabi's pacemaker app. Lani enlisted Kristen's help. Kayla and Rafe compared notes on Hope. Xander demanded to know what Ciara was going to do now that she knew the truth. Sonny visited Will in prison. Eric and Sarah received more bad news about Mickey. Wait to See: Sonny has a surprising proposal for Will.


Jason became very suspicious. Spinelli reunited with Maxie. Alexis learned the whole story. Brook Lynn had a big surprise. Dustin's past created an obstacle. Tracy reminded Ned of what was important. Chase was called to break up a fight. Lulu fished for information. Nelle made a shocking confession. Tracy tried to bury the hatchet with Olivia. Lulu wanted to know more. Sonny planned a road trip. Carly saw through Nelle. Ava got ready for an adventure. Tracy blamed Michael. Julian visited Brad. Gladys supported Sonny's decision. Carly had a change of heart. Lulu ran out of patience. Sonny felt on edge. Brad had a rude awakening. Wait to See: Willow is concerned for Wiley's safety.


Nikki gave Victoria some sound advice. Devon stood firm. Sharon opened up to Rey. Nick grilled Chance about his past. Billy sought advice from an old friend. Phyllis turned on the charm with Chance. Victor set the record straight with Adam. Nikki questioned Chelsea's motives. Tensions rose between Summer and Lola. Nikki made a surprise announcement. Adam conspired with Chance. Wait to See: Phyllis suffers a setback.

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