Zoe was blindsided when Ridge confronted her about her father's involvement in the baby scheme. Ridge then called the police on Reese, while Brooke vowed that they would all pay for their crimes against Hope. Meanwhile, Hope and Liam were faced with the uncomfortable task of telling Steffy that her baby was really Beth. Brooke questioned Flo about the adoption. Ridge worried about Steffy, who was also an innocent pawn in Reese's deceit. Steffy resisted when Hope told her that she wanted to take her baby home immediately. Brooke mentioned Thomas' involvement in the lies, which upset Ridge. Wyatt made a humble apology to Sally. Wait to See: The Logan sisters confront Shauna and Flo.


Eli accepted Jack's offer. Stefan found himself on the hot seat. Meanwhile, Gabi felt guilty for betraying Stefan. Kristen was caught trying to get rid of some incriminating evidence. Sarah and Eric declared their love for one another. Stefan was arrested for murder. Brady finally gave in to "Nicole's" advances. Kate fainted after seeing a familiar face. Kristen debated revealing her true identity to Brady. Rex lashed out at Eric and Sarah. Gabi refused to believe that Stefan committed murder. Hope made a surprising discovery. Tony declared to Kristen that he was ending their marriage. Anna returned to Salem while Rex decided to leave. Wait to See: John makes plans to surprise Marlena.


Shiloh presented Jason with a dilemma. Joss surprised Cameron. Neil and Alexis grew closer. Lucy took Sasha apartment hunting. Shiloh grew increasingly desperate. Franco was grateful to Scott. Sasha confided in Maxie. Nina received some flowers. Laura wanted to form her own opinion. Sam got into an argument. Elizabeth received an alarming phone call. Curtis searched for help. Lucy knew more than she thought she did. Lucas got an update. Robert shared some disappointing news. Peter gave Maxie his full support. Lulu wanted things to return to normal. Kevin spoke to Alexis about Neil. Julian and Kim met with Lucy. Liz watched over Franco as he slept. Stella got an important message. Wait to See: Jax catches Nina during a vulnerable moment.


Mariah offered to throw Kyle and Lola a joint bachelor/bachelorette party, which upset Abby, who felt that Mariah was infringing on her maid of honor duties. Needing a date to the party, Abby bluntly asked Nate, leaving him confused about where they stood. Lola extended an olive branch to Summer, inviting her to the celebration as well. Theo planned to accompany Summer so that he could make Kyle uncomfortable at the wedding. Victor continued to struggle with his illness, but promised to stay strong for his family. Nick vowed to do whatever it took to bring Adam down. Sharon interrupted their heated exchange and blamed Nick for taunting Adam. Billy's new therapist called him out for continuing to punish himself for Delia's death. Wait to See: Kyle and Lola's wedding day arrives.

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