Soap Opera Preview



Quinn and Carter gave in to their passion. Steffy and Finn reconnected in the bedroom. Shauna was shocked by Quinn's big secret. Brooke and Katie questioned Quinn's intentions with Eric. Later, Eric covered for Quinn with a concerned Katie. Ridge engaged Justin with an undercover assignment. Hope, Thomas and Douglas spent time together as a family. Wait to See: Paris has an epiphany about her living arrangement with Steffy and Finn. Ridge and Eric each keep a secret from the other. Steffy fumes when Sheila makes an unexpected visit.


Eli comforted Julie, who was deeply concerned about Doug. Johnny revealed the secrets of Will's script to Allie. A troubled John confided in Abe. Roman and Kate reminisced about their past. Paulina asked for Lani's blessing. Allie questioned John about their family's history. Chanel and Johnny got back on track. Doug took a turn for the worse. Gwen received a surprise visit from Abigail. Gabi and Ava clashed once again, prompting Gabi to make a big change. Philip took Chloe on a romantic picnic. Victor stunned Brady with an unexpected request. EJ turned the tables on Gabi and Jake. Ava shared a secret with Philip. Chloe accused Brady of conspiring with Victor. Xander and Gwen discussed where things stood between them. Wait to See: Abe shares some exciting news with Steve and Kayla. Julie inadvertently makes Doug's situation worse. Ben confides his fears to Ciara.


Nina tried to make sense of her actions. Chase dropped off a gift for Monica. Brando wanted only what was best for his mom. Maxie and Spinelli shared a moment at the reception. Valentin raced to help Anna. Liz and Finn tried to make sense of everything that had happened between them. Chase and Brook Lynn grew closer. Britt appreciated Austin's concern for Maxie. Willow and Michael discussed their future. Nina and Phyllis hashed out their issues. Chase reconciled with Willow and Michael. Cameron played peacemaker. Trina's suspicions about Esme were confirmed. Trina asked Cameron for help in exposing Esme. Nina confided in Maxie. Nikolas tried to make things right with Spencer. Anna received a chilling phone call. Nikolas felt hopeful. Spencer had a change of heart. Wait to See: Esme tries to get closer to Josslyn. Maxie prepares for the worst. Britt receives alarming news.


Sharon was forced to defend herself. Chloe warned Chelsea about Sally. Devon and Amanda reached an important decision. Ashland confronted his past. Nick kept Billy guessing. Mariah had a change of heart. Jack reflected on his past decisions, with help from family and friends. Billy and Lily uncovered some shocking information. Nick and Phyllis discussed her bond to Jack. Nikki gave Victoria some sage advice. Wait to See: Victor takes matters into his own hands. Victoria is suspicious of Phyllis. Billy makes a generous offer.

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