Lani received help from someone unexpected. Valerie had a big surprise for Eli. Marlena comforted Brady, who longed for his family. Gabi’s verdict was delivered. A shocking guest crashed Lani and Eli’s wedding. Kristen and Brady reunited. Rafe and Hope shared a nice moment. Gabi and Chad faced off. Chaos erupted at Lani and Eli’s wedding. Lani attempted to diffuse a dangerous situation. Gabi and Jake eagerly awaited his DNA test results. Claire and Ciara bonded over wedding planning. Jake and Gabi reeled over his DNA test results. Vivian was stunned to learn about Jake. Allie made Rafe an unexpected offer. Ben and Ciara confronted Claire about the damaged wedding dress. Eric gave Will and Sonny disappointing news. Wait to See: Jake is rattled by his encounter with Vivian. Eli and Lani have a romantic wedding night. Gabi attempts to enlist Vivian’s help.



Until production resumes, “GH” is replaying special episodes from years past. This week’s episodes feature more turmoil in Sonny Corinthos’s (Maurice B from 2010 through 2016): Sonny shot Dante. Kristina and Sonny attended therapy. Michael held a gun on Sonny to make him pay for killing AJ. Sonny stopped Morgan from jumping off the roof of General Hospital. Michael gave Avery back to Sonny.

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