Having confessed his darkest moment to his father, Thomas was relieved when Ridge promised that he would not allow him to go to prison. Shauna begged Ridge to set Flo free. Steffy paid an unexpected visit to Flo in jail and refused to offer her forgiveness. As Brooke vowed to make Thomas and Flo pay for what they did, Ridge set a plan in motion to save his son. Sally told Wyatt that she needed more time before she could fully trust him again. Shauna ran into Ridge at the Bikini Bar and reiterated how much she appreciated what he did for Flo. Brooke told Katie about her fight with Ridge. Meanwhile, Shauna decided to stay and help Ridge after he passed out drunk. Wait to See: Ridge and Shauna make a pact to keep a secret.


Hope told Doug the heartbreaking news about Julie. Kayla and Jennifer were shocked by a grisly arrival. Stefan was upset when Gabi wanted to call the cops on Vivian. Jack and JJ attempted to make a deal with Dr. Rolf. Vivian gave Sarah some unsolicited advice. Eli questioned Stefan about Kate's shooting. Nicole had an explosive confrontation with Kristen. Jennifer and Jack were crushed by an unexpected setback. Eric broke up with Sarah. Brady had a tense encounter with Kristen. Eve was determined to destroy Jack's happiness after a tough loss. Brady found himself battling temptation. Wait to See: Vivian sneaks into the hospital to finish off Kate.


Liz grew more and more desperate. Monica stopped by the ICU. Sonny was preparing to bargain. Brad told Julian about his problem. Michael made an interesting observation. Jason had an update. Kim couldn't help herself. Peter made an important call. Michael ran into Josslyn. Elizabeth and Sam crossed paths. Lulu and Charlotte did their best. Olivia expressed her concerns. Ava made Julian rethink his next move. Brad got the help he needed. Nina, Valentin and Obrecht all celebrated. Julian reached out to Alexis. Brad wanted to know if Julian had made a decision. Lulu and Dustin crossed paths. Laura and Curtis had a clandestine meeting at the park. Nina shared her good news with Valentin. Wait to See: Shiloh makes a critical phone call.


Victor's health declined after he had an episode at Crimson Lights with Nikki. Nate told Victor it was probably best if he didn't attend Abby's opening night party at the hotel. Victor told Nikki that he didn't want the family to know about his recent flare-up. Abby and Chelsea basked in the spotlight at the Grand Phoenix's opening night. Their happiness was short-lived when Phyllis crashed the party. Meanwhile, Sharon was uncomfortable when she saw Lola trying to set Rey up with available women at the party. Theo continued to push Kyle's buttons when he threatened to expose his past to Lola. Wait to See: Jack's road trip takes an unexpected turn.

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