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Steffy was caught off-guard by Finn's proposal about their future. Unable to resist the other, Carter and Quinn gave in to their desire. Brooke made Ridge a business proposition about her role at Forrester. Paris paid a welcome visit to Steffy, Finn and baby Hayes. Paris received a generous invitation from an unexpected source. Quinn and Carter explored their relationship options. Wait to See: Carter saves something precious of Quinn's from being destroyed. Wyatt demands answers from Quinn about her erratic behavior. Quinn and Carter share an epic and defining moment.


Xander busted up Nicole and Eric's anniversary celebration. Eric asked Nicole if Xander's accusations were true. Nicole lashed out at Sami. Brady fired Xander. EJ wondered if Sami also had a secret. Philip suggested Lucas use an embittered Nicole to his advantage. Allie tried to get Ciara to recall her wedding to Ben. Abe urged Theo to postpone the wedding. While preparing for her wedding, Ciara got into an altercation with Claire. The pressure was on Ben to stop Ciara from marrying Theo. Paulina had some big news for Abe and Lani. Lucas made an admission to Sami. Wait to See: To help his brother, Philip takes matters into his own hands. Ben, Allie and Claire team up to stop Ciara from making a big mistake. Nicole gets revenge. Programming Note: "Days of our Lives" will be preempted on Friday, July 23 through Friday, Aug. 6, 2021 due to coverage of the Summer Olympics.


Anna and Valentin chased a lead in their quest to find Maxie's baby. Sonny reluctantly updated Nina. Brook Lynn arranged for Maxie to see her baby. Nikolas' efforts were thwarted. Joss shared her news with Trina. Cam and Joss hung out by the Metro Court pool. Trina felt deceived. Shawn finally caught a break. Nikolas felt the walls closing in on him. Chase took his frustrations out on Willow. Nikolas looked to Jordan for answers. Stella confronted Shawn. Portia confided in Terry. Jordan lost hope. Anna updated Dante on her recent findings. Brando told Sasha that he wanted to build a life with her. Trina conspired to get Ava and Nikolas back together. Sam paid Alexis a visit. Wait to See: Nina returns to Nixon Falls. Jason has a heart-to-heart talk with Monica. Anna realizes who might've been on the roof with Peter.


Victor set a trap for Sutton Ames. Victoria made a promise to Ashland. Phyllis targeted Tara. Victor kept his promise to Amanda. Nikki cleared the air with Adam. Tempers flared between Abby and Tessa. Phyllis made a confession. Victor and Victoria shared a difference of opinion. Amanda set the record straight with Michael. Moses planned a surprise for Faith. Abby and Stitch reminisced about their past. Wait to See: Billy questions Sharon's loyalty to Adam. Elena stands her ground with Imani. Victoria makes a shocking discovery about Ashland.

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