Soap Opera Preview



Quinn panicked when Paris learned about her and Carter. Liam stunned Thomas with a special request. Carter and Quinn begged Paris to keep their secret from Zoe and Eric. Thomas admitted to Hope the favor that Liam asked of him. An emotional Steffy visited Liam in jail. Later, Hope encouraged Liam not to lose faith. Ridge buffered the tension between Thomas and Brooke. Wait to See: Bill lashes out at Justin and Wyatt for a job not well done. Quinn is shocked by Carter's suggestion that they come clean. Thomas is determined to be by Hope's side as she navigates her future.


Philip and Brady locked horns over Chloe. Xander pressured Nicole to give in to his demands. Kate played mind games with Jake. Sami was surprised to learn why EJ had returned to Salem. EJ was tempted by Tony's proposal. Marlena caught Lucas and Sami in a close moment. Gabi and Jake fought over Kate. Someone stumbled onto Kate's lies. Justin and Bonnie's double date with Steve and Kayla went horribly wrong. Abe confided in Roman about Paulina. Things turned awkward when Chanel introduced Paulina to Allie. Belle put Jan to the test. Rafe gave Ben advice about Ciara. Bonnie let Steve have it. Paulina was stunned to learn about Chanel's kiss with Allie. Sami was caught between EJ and Lucas. Wait to See: Gabi fumes when Jake brings Kate home from the hospital. Lucas asks Roman for a favor. EJ suggests he and Chad team up against Jake.


Carly was cordial with Nina. TJ and Molly had a joyful reunion with Stella. Bobbie visited Maxie. Brook Lynn was honest with Willow. Finn retreated to his lab. Ava shared her observation with Carly. Jason told Nikolas off. Sam and Dante crossed unexpectedly. Nina comforted Maxie. Ned impressed Olivia. Curtis and Nina got caught up. Sasha questioned Willow's motives. Finn had an idea. Brando asked Carly about his future. Jason received a call from Britt. Obrecht was worried about Britt. Liz hoped Anna found the peace she needed. Josslyn received some good news. Laura appealed to Jordan's sensibilities. Sasha and Jackie helped Willow. Liz was very reassuring. Wait to See: Brook Lynn convinces Maxie not to see Louise. Sam has more questions. Austin tells Dante an area was missed during the search.


Ashland shared some shocking news with Victoria. Summer lost patience with Tara. Sally reconnected with someone. Victor provided Amanda with information about her past. Adam and Sharon reached an agreement. Victoria and Ashland shared a charged moment. Amanda received a stern warning from Naya. Summer caught Kyle in a compromising position. Victor and Nikki questioned Victoria's connection to Ashland. Elena tested the waters with Nate. Wait to See: Phyllis warns Summer about Tara. Jack gives Kyle sage advice. Abby and Nina worry about Chance's whereabouts.

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