Flo attempted to justify her actions to a horrified Thomas. Zoe and Xander argued about Beth's rightful place. Thomas went over to his sister's house to tell her the heartbreaking news about Beth, but after hearing what Steffy had to say first, he was left conflicted. Zoe feared that she was going to end up in jail for her part in her father's scheme. Wyatt walked in on the intense meeting between Flo and Zoe. Hope shared with Douglas that Liam had moved out. Later, she told Brooke why she ended her marriage so abruptly. Ridge was happy for Steffy, but worried about what Brooke was thinking. Meanwhile, Brooke grew concerned when Hope asked Liam to send her pictures of the babies. Flo was surprised by Thomas's advice. Wait to See: Brooke's mama-bear instincts emerge.


Nicole accused Eric of attacking her. Maggie bonded with someone unexpected. Julie blasted Jack and Eve. Stefan ripped into Gabi for causing his breakup with Chloe. A fearful Claire realized that the walls were closing in on her. Ben had a shocking realization. Jack offered JJ a deal. Will and Sonny faced Will's mortality. Ben desperately searched for Claire. In a fit of rage, Claire tried to kill Tripp and Haley. John informed Sonny of his suspicions about Eve. Eli broke up with Lani. Wait to See: Sonny demands Eve surrender the diary.


Shiloh turned on the charm. Chase stayed on the right side of the law. Carly met with Lucas. Nina cajoled Ava. Bobbie got some good news. Sonny decided to take matters into his own hands. Shiloh taunted Sam. Chase was startled to learn that Harmony was Willow's mother. Alexis met with Neil. Maxie avoided making plans with Peter. Jordan confronted Curtis. Ava cut her losses. Drew tended to Kim. Joss struggled with her loss. Maxie had an idea. Harmony was hopeful that Shiloh would come to her rescue. Michael tried to support Willow. Julian reminded Brad to keep calm. Sonny stumbled upon Lulu, who was out with another man. Carly was stunned. Shiloh ran into Margaux. Sam tried to look on the bright side. Wait to See: Jax turns down an interesting offer.


Rey grew frustrated with Sharon constantly defending Adam. However, when Nick arrived to tell them about Adam's latest plot, she was forced to admit that Adam seemed to have returned to the dark side. Kyle and Lola told Rey they were engaged and asked for his blessing. Jack and Traci tried to help Dina adjust to life in the nursing home, with Jack making more time to spend with his mother, and Traci sharing her new novel with her. Despite her fading memory, Dina was comforted by their efforts. Devon and Elena continued to grow closer as they sent Jett off on tour. Victor filed a lawsuit against the GCPD, which enraged Christine. Wait to See: Billy loses his cool.

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