Brooke confided in Eric that Ridge didn't come home the night before. Meanwhile, a hungover Ridge woke up next to Shauna. Danny recounted to Carter the events of the previous night involving Ridge. Bill and Katie visited Wyatt and expressed their joy over him no longer seeing Flo. Meanwhile, Quinn grilled Sally about her current relationship with Wyatt. Shauna urged Flo to fight for love and to not let Sally get in her way. Bill grew concerned when Katie began feeling ill. Shauna asked Quinn for a huge favor. Brooke stood her ground with Ridge about Thomas. Wyatt accidentally opened the gift he received from Flo while he was with Sally. Brooke issued Ridge a warning about Shauna. Wait to See: Katie loses consciousness.


Nicole and Eric made love. Sarah was touched by Xander's devotion. Jack accused Eve of trashing the hospital lab. Vivian made another attempt on Kate's life. Maggie confronted Victor about attacking Ben. Rafe eagerly awaited the news about baby David. Jordan returned to Salem. Anna pleaded with Kristen to help Tony win his freedom. Jennifer was held against her will. Ben and Ciara were shocked when they discovered Jordan had been released. JJ and Jack grew increasingly worried about Jennifer, whose captor was finally revealed. Kristen tried to win Brady over with her good deeds. Sarah made an important decision about her baby. Jennifer tries to make contact with Jack. Wait to See: Kristen demands that Xander help her win back Brady.


Julian made a bold decision. Obrecht requested a favor from Brad. Chase helped Franco. Nina was thrilled. Laura and Curtis tiptoed around the truth. Laura got an interesting proposition. Willow saw that Michael was upset. Obrecht found Valentin's predicament entertaining. Julian explained his reticence. Kim was filled with conflicted emotions. Shiloh made a critical phone call. Peter wanted to wrap things up. Jason was perplexed. Josslyn comforted her friend. Nina was very determined. Alexis' services were retained. Michael presented his plan. Shiloh testified in his own defense. Sonny checked in at Kelly's. Wait to See: Carly goes to the hospital.


Victor's health continued to decline, but he was unwilling to discuss it with his family until Victoria joined them. Jack found himself reconnecting with Sharon after they exchanged insights about each other's lives. Despite their history, the pair parted as friends. In an effort to bring credibility to the Grand Phoenix, Devon suggested hosting a birthday party for Elena at the hotel, to which Abby happily agreed. Meanwhile, Theo continued to jeopardize his career efforts by continuing to sabotage Mariah. Billy was determined to return to his life in Genoa City, but Chloe and Kevin were reluctant to let him go. Victor urged Adam to make amends with his siblings. Wait to See: Nick and Chelsea receive some shocking news.

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