Soap Opera Preview



Finn got emotional when Sheila suddenly fainted. Eric gained a new perspective while eavesdropping on Shauna and Quinn. Zende received an unexpected earful from Paris about Steffy and Finn. Things became tense when Steffy accused Sheila of faking her illness. Zende tried to get Paris to admit that she had a crush on Finn. Sheila upped the ante with Steffy by showing her the emoji text Finn sent. Eric spotted Quinn and Carter having an intimate conversation. Wait to See: Sheila's plot to wreak havoc between Steffy and Finn is fully in motion. Eric romances Quinn with dinner and a dance. Torn between the two, Finn makes a big decision about his birthmother and his wife.


Julie had a harrowing experience. Bonnie got trapped in Xander's room. Calista hit on Steve. Ben was hesitant when Ciara suggested they have a baby. Bonnie and Calista got into a heated confrontation. Xander realized Bonnie stole his money. Roman grew concerned about Doug's mental state. Julie and Jack tried to track down Doug. Gabi and Jake spied on Philip. Xander crashed Bonnie and Justin's wedding. Justin made a shocking discovery. Philip confronted Gabi over her machinations. Brady urged Chloe to move in with him. Paulina found herself on the hot seat. Ava revealed Rafe's feelings to Nicole. Gwen prepared to come clean with Jack. Wait to See: EJ advises Chad to fight for Abigail. Allie tries to smooth things over with Chanel. Julie remains in denial about Doug.


Carly and Monica had an unexpected heart-to-heart. Dante apologized to Jason. TJ told Jordan how much she means to him. Nikolas received an unexpected delivery. Nina was shocked by a surprise visitor in Nixon Falls. Curtis and Jordan uncovered a connection between Drew Cain and Naomi Dreyfus' murder. Portia was unprepared for what she found. Nikolas learned a painful lesson. Esme and Trina clashed. Jax threatened Nina. There was no turning back when Carly told Jason how she felt. Portia admitted she had a secret. Maxie made a bold move. Ned had cause to worry about Leo. Nina tried to reason with Jax. Wait to See: TJ is blindsided. Brook Lynn and Maxie clash over what is best for baby Bailey. Gladys is worried that Brando might be taking on too much.


Victor recruited Nick to sabotage Billy's plans. Adam and Sally hit the reset button. Mariah worried about her safety. Abby struggled to contact Chance. Rey exposed Adam's true motives. Sharon and Tessa comforted Mariah. Victor disapproved of Adam's decision-making. Devon opened up to Lily. Ashland surprised Nate with an unexpected invitation. Jack came clean with Phyllis. Victor questioned Sally's intentions. Wait to See: Nikki receives mixed messages from Victoria. Sharon asks Adam about his future with Chelsea. Ashland receives an unwelcome message.

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