Eric and Quinn shared a tender moment. Taylor begged Brooke not to tell anyone that she shot Bill. Pam persuaded Donna to model a Forrester original in private for Eric. Realizing her father needed to hear it from her first, Steffy told Ridge about Taylor's crime. Brooke was stunned to learn why Bill didn't press charges. Brooke and Ridge had very different viewpoints when it came to Taylor's mental stability. Taylor and Reese were introduced at a party, and Taylor wasted no time giving him the scoop on her longtime rivalry with Brooke. Hope and Liam couldn't contain their excitement over their baby's upcoming arrival. Reese questioned Zoe about Brooke. Wait to See: Steffy and Taylor discuss how much they miss Phoebe.


Abigail tried to trick Stefan into getting her released from Bayview. Sonny was devastated to learn that Chad knew about Kate's plot against him. Ted tried to get Ben to confess to starting the fire at the cabin. Rafe questioned Hope about her trip to Smith Island. Sonny and Will realized that Leo had some damning evidence against them. Eli suggested to Rafe that Hope might be cheating on him. Ciara and Ben went on their first date. John and Marlena shared a romantic evening at the Brady Pub. Brady came up with an idea to try to mend fences with Eric. Sarah begged Maggie to let Eric raise Holly. Chloe and Lucas' relationship took an unexpected turn. Wait to See: Kate and Gabi decide to frame Stefan.


Griffin argued his case. Jordan got a new lead. Sonny had a lot to think about. Ava was put on the spot. Chase figured out an important clue. Sonny ran into Margaux. Felicia was curious about Maxie's relationship. Finn reassured a nervous Anna. Julian lashed out. Franco began his day in art therapy. Lulu ran into Willow. Valentin shared his experience. Laura gained a little perspective. Jordan began obsessing over her case. Sam had something important for Alexis. Chase looked for answers surrounding Mary Pat's murder. Laura was caught off guard. Willow received an invitation. Anna bet on Obrecht's motherly instincts. Wait to See: Carly visits Morgan's grave.


Fen surprised Michael and Lauren by returning home. Meanwhile, Mia began to put down roots in Genoa City by hosting a party to drum up clients for her styling business. Nikki, Phyllis, Victoria and Sharon decided to attend so that they could get closer to Mia and hopefully learn more about Rey's investigation. Tessa and Mariah attempted to rebuild their shattered relationship, but were unable to overcome the dishonesty and secrets between them. Billy and Phyllis bonded while working on a new business proposal, making Billy wonder if a reconciliation was soon possible. Despite their efforts to remain civil, tensions flared between Mia and Sharon over Rey. Wait to See: Cane and Devon make amends.

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