Realizing she had no right to Hope's forgiveness, Flo begged for it anyway. Wyatt was conflicted over his feelings for Flo and his loyalty to his family. Ridge announced that Reese was finally in custody and that Flo was being arrested. Ridge was concerned when Det. Sanchez showed up looking for Thomas to question him about Emma's death. Hope asked Justin to help annul her marriage and to undo Phoebe's adoption. Ridge was hesitant to tell Det. Sanchez about Thomas' past. Thomas flew into a rage when Hope called to deliver bad news. Liam worried for Hope's safety. Meanwhile, Vinny was taken aback to hear Thomas speaking about his son in such a derogatory manner. Thomas called Amelia and asked her to bring Douglas to him. Wait to See: Shauna gets a reality check when she visits Flo at the jail.


Will suggested to Brady that Kristen might still be alive. Marlena relayed to John her strange encounter she had with "Nicole." Gabi questioned why Stefan saved her life. Tripp confided to Kayla about his feelings for Haley. John and Marlena's private pre-celebration was interrupted by a surprise guest. Tony asked "Nicole" for a divorce. Gabi and Stefan give in to their true feelings for one another. An explosive secret was revealed at John and Marlena's anniversary party. "Nicole" realized she must get rid of Susan. Kristen was finally exposed, but then she pulled a gun on Marlena. Brady demanded answers. Sarah comforted a reeling Eric. Wait to See: Tony is arrested.


Jason went to see Franco. Lulu invited Robert and Olivia to join her at Sonny's. Julian attempted to reconcile with Sam. Shiloh proposed an exchange. Kim had a heart-to-heart talk with Monica. Obrecht asked Maxie for help. Peter received a disconcerting call. Joss sprung an idea on Carly. Sonny dealt with an issue at the warehouse. Ava's dream left her with unanswered questions. Kim found comfort in her past. Drew raced to find Cameron. Maxie had ulterior motives. Curtis got a lead. Ava had a miserable night. Jax defended Hayden. Cam got swept up in Trina's enthusiasm. Wait to See: Chase interrupts a private family gathering.


Kyle and Lola's wedding day arrived in Genoa City. Kyle began to get cold feet, but Ashley and Traci talked him down, assuring him that he had what it took to make a marriage work. Billy confronted Michael and asked him if he and Adam were in cahoots. Later, Billy woke up on the couch with no memory of where he'd been. Theo approached Devon and made a play for Mariah's job, but Devon was loyal to his friend and shut Theo down. Needing to secure additional capital to purchase the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis made a pitch to Chelsea, asking her to buy in. However, Victor overheard Phyllis plotting to oust Abby from the deal, and quickly warned his daughter. Wait to See: Nick and Chelsea turn up the heat.

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