Bill gathered Justin, Wyatt and Emmy to welcome Liam home to Spencer Publications. Wyatt gave a surprising response to Liam when asked why he hadn't bought Sally a ring yet. Ridge told Shauna that he liked having her close to him. Quinn then witnessed Shauna and Ridge kissing and later queried her friend about their relationship status. Wyatt demanded answers from Sally, prompting her to propose a quick elopement. Bill asked Liam to always have his brother Wyatt's back. Ridge confronted Thomas about signing the papers that gave Hope joint custody of Douglas. Wait to See: Hope and Liam spend the days leading up to the holiday with both Beth and Douglas.


Eric was stunned by Nicole's revelation. Ciara took on Mickey's kidnapper. Xander tried to destroy his confession. Chad's meeting with Stefano didn't go the way he imagined. Xander told Sarah that he loved her. Lani finally confided to someone why she left Eli. Abigail and JJ talked about Haley's death. Eli warned Gabi that Abigail and Chad were onto him. Marlena received a present from an admirer. Gina finally finishes her portrait of Stefano. Wait to See: Eve celebrates her first holiday in prison with Hattie.


Valentin discovered some interesting information. Laura was frustrated because she just wanted what was best for her family. Willow got very introspective. Michael became confrontational. Neil's theory was incorrect, but he eventually put the pieces together. Peter became unnerved. Julian took some drastic measures. Brad received a pep talk. Alexis stumbled upon the truth. Lucas pleaded with Brad. Liz was very surprised. Olivia felt optimistic about something. Monica reached out to Epiphany. Finn and Anna had a heart-to-heart talk. Wait to See: Bobbie shares some awful news.


Chelsea learned from Adam that Connor's stomachache was a result of the stress of the hostage situation. Billy was in danger of self-sabotage if he didn't get to the root of his problems in therapy. He later distracted himself by sharing a romantic lunch date with Victoria. At Society, Lola gave Theo a pep talk before his first day of work at Jabot, but he ended up getting into a power struggle with Kyle. Chelsea agreed to spend a few nights at the penthouse until Connor felt better. At Thanksgiving dinner, Victor and Nikki shared the good news about Victor's health. Summer arrived for dessert, and she and Victor finally made amends. After dinner, Victor and Nikki recapped their successful dinner and reaffirmed their love for each other. Wait to See: Devon and Elena's relationship is put to the test.

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